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Workshops + Vegetarian Dinners

The concept of these events is to bring people to a moment of sharing, not only to taste and learn about vegetarian food, but also to learn something more. We bring the most diverse themes to the table, from the making of bread, to vegetarian cuisine, to cosmetics, to agriculture, to personal growth. We share what we have learned along the way, as well as what friends bring us as a proposal. Be attentive and come by to see the new events that are emerging.

Workshops + Vegetarian Meals

Detox Retreat

“Nosso Espaço” has carefully prepared this retreat to help you with the internal cleaning work, which this season invites. This day offers a balance between activity and relaxation, interiorization and sharing. It includes not only a set of practices for body, mind and spirit, but also classes to acquire tools for your individual purification path.

We challenge you to come to us.

Date: February 28

Time: 8 am|8pm

Location: "Nosso Espaço", Rua Meio São Pedro nº 25, Angra do Heroísmo

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Smoothies Class


Yoga Class

Lymphatic Massage Class

Detoxifying vegetarian cooking class



Walking with dynamic internal clarification

Meditation in nature


Gratitude Healing


Exchange Value - 40 €

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