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There is an invisible and powerful dialogue between Nature and you. It answers your most essential questions. Nature does indeed answer. As simple as that, she is a mirror of yourself.​ AnahataGaia, is the place to find the answers... We offer several paths, but all with a single direction, connecting your heart to Nature. We offer Yoga and Meditation classes for an internal dive in; Therapy Walks in Nature to learn that what's inside you is outside too; Messages from Nature, where through jewelry pieces inspired by plants and animals you receive messages of wisdom to guide you. AnahataGaia, it's a trip home, To Your Nature, To Our Nature... Come with me

Yoga is the flame that once lit will never go out. The more you practice, the brighter it will be.

BKS Iyengar


Práticas de Yoga e Meditação

Yoga AnahataGaia, is a fusion practice deeply inspired by Nature. We work with different lines of Yoga, in order to bring the best of each to the classroom. It is intended that each student makes his own journey of self-discovery.  We respect each person, regardless of age, physical condition  and moral convictions. Yoga is for everyone.

We offer two practice options so you can be with me anywhere in the world:




In every walk in Nature we receive much more than we look for...

John Muir

Caminhadas de Terapia da Natureza

On the Nature Therapy Walk, we travel to small corners of the island, where the silence of the trees, land, water and sky are doors to open other dimensions of ourselves. It is a journey of the senses through the magic of the Azores landscapes. Nature is our true guide for this trip.


    Listen to the voice of nature, for she keeps treasures for  you...

    Native American Proverb - Huron


    Messages from Nature

    Here you will find jewelry pieces  inspired in nature that bring you a message. By using each piece you are internalizing its message. Each piece is inspired and shaped by elements of the Azores' nature. From the volcanic rocks, the leaves of primitive forests, and the diversity of flowers and animals of these Atlantic islands. I believe that each person will be attracted to the piece that have the message they need to hear.

    Nature always has a Message for Us... discover yours.

    Favourite Pieces


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